SortedMap in Java

Java’s collection framework offers a variety of interfaces and classes for our programming needs. Among these interfaces and classes SortedMap interface is an important option when ordered mapping is required.

SortedMap in Jav

What is a SortedMap?

SortedMap is the child interface of Map in Java, providing a collection of key-value pairs where the keys are ordered. Unlike a regular HashMap, A SortedMap maintains a sorted order of its key.

SortedMap Methods

SortedMap defines the following specific methods.

  • comparator()
  • subMap( Object fromKey, Object toKey )
  • headMap(Object toKey)
  • tailMap(Object fromKey)
  • firstKey()
  • lastKey()
  • keySet()
  • values()
  • entrySet()
  • size()
  • isEmpty()
  • containsKey(Object key)
  • containsValue(Object value)
  • get(Object key)
  • put(Object key, Object value)
  • remove(Object key)
  • putAll(Map m)
  • clear()

Implementation of SortedMap

One of the most widely used implementations of the f SortedMap interface is the TreeMap class.

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